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    In Scientology, a state of complete spiritual freedom is attainable. It has been achieved not on a temporary basis but on a stable plane of full awareness and ability, unqualified by accident or deterioration. And it is not limited to a few.

    It is called, in Scientology, “Operating Thetan.” The definition of the state of Operating Thetan is “knowing and willing cause over life, thought, matter, energy, space and time.”

      The amount of spiritual gain available to a person is something rarely conceived. In an aberrated state where one’s energy is primarily absorbed attempting to straighten out personal problems, a person is unlikely to lift his gaze to the glories that could be his as a fully rehabilitated and able being, not just as Homo sapiens.

Table of Contents

The State of Operating Thetan


How Religious Scholars
View Confidential Religious Writings

Questions and Answers: Religious freedom,
copyright law and trade secret protections
on the Internet

The Church of Scientology
Should Be Commended
A Joint Statement

Confidential Religious
Writings by David G. Bromley

Esoteric Scriptures
by Professor David Kinsley

Confidential Religious
Writings by Jeffrey K. Hadden

Esoteric and Exoteric Knowledge
in Religious Traditions
by Dr. M. Darrol Bryant

Historic Practice
of Maintaining Confidential Scriptures
by Petro B.T. Bilaniuk

Scientology Advanced Lectures

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